Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Getting a Degree in Philosophy a Waste of Time?

Is getting a degree in philosophy a waste of time? I'll answer this question with another question, is getting any degree a waste of time? Although many consider the art of philosophy to be a useless practice, it is not a waste of time and a major in philosophy can open many roads in life and in general help keep you out of trouble.

So what are the benefits of getting a degree in philosophy?

Well for starters you'll learn to argue concisely and effectively which is great skill to have anywhere in life. You'll be able to better negotiate monetary offers and logically think things through especially when it comes to contracts of any sort. Most contracts have very small print which most people don't bother reading over which is a mistake. Through logically going through the different word placement and sentence structures you can see the full picture instead of having someone confuse you and mislead you with tricky wording which in the end, can result in loss profit or other things. So you'll learn very important life skills while taking philosophy courses.

Next, philosophy degrees are not a dead end job. Yes, you are limited in the education field to basic salaries with not too much chance of an increase. However, with a philosophy degree you are better prepared to get into any type of legal careers, especially lawyering. Lawyers have to analyze thousands of pages of text and evidence at any given time. They have to be able to logically and articulately defend or prosecute a client and be able to quickly think on their feet and clearly argue a point. These are all characteristics of a simple philosophy degree, which is not so simple now is it? If you're not good at philosophy, you won't be a good lawyer. A good lawyer often has a degree in philosophy to prepare him before law school and additionally makes above average salaries. Philosophy is a great practice for law school and should not be looked down upon.

Yes, in economic times of hardship like today the philosophy degree is not the best looking or fastest job seeking route to take. It will take a while to attain lawyer or professor status to make above average wages, however it's still a viable option for many students young or old. If you love arguing or actively participating in debates then this is the degree for you!

So next time you look down upon a philosophy degree, think of these points first before you criticize it.

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